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BIND 9.X package status

It was just pointed out to me that there is a new RFP for bind9 packages 
filed to the wnpp part of the BTS.

As the BIND package maintainer, I indicated many months ago my intention to
package BIND 9.X for Debian.  

Unfortunately, the BIND 9.0.0 and 9.0.1 releases contained sources for 
required elements that were not compliant with the DFSG, and so would at best 
have been made available in non-US/non-free.  After the firestorm that resulted
from my putting the 8.X BIND bits in non-free, I decided to try and get the
problem resolved before packaging BIND 9.X.

As a result of discussion with key contacts at the ISC, this issue has been
completely resolved for the upcoming BIND 9.1.0 release, currently in beta.  I
have done quite a bit of work on packages in preparation for this release, and
will be ready to upload shortly after 9.1.0 is finally released.  Note that
unless we change Debian crypto code policy in the meantime, bind9 will show up
in non-US since it includes required crypto-based authentication components.
The ISC happily makes this available for export from the US, so I'm sure we
could too... but until the DPL and FTP admins indicate it is ok to do so, I
will direct the packages to non-US.

Getting this right has two major components that are worth my commenting on
here.  First, the package 'bind' will continue to be 8.X to avoid violating
the principle of least astonishment for our users, and there will be a new
'bind9' package and friends delivering 9.X.  For new installs, the dns server
task package will install bind9 packages.  Second, the 'dnsutils' package
which is priority standard and delivers various DNS related client progrems 
is being restructured both so that I can deliver pristine upstream BIND 9.X 
sources into the archive, and so that future updates to the independent 
components are easier.

In summary, here's what I currently plan to deliver once 9.1.0 is released:

	BIND 8 source package including only BIND, producing binary packages

		bind			- daemon, config files, man pages

		bind-dev		- static libraries and header files

		bind-doc		- full HTML documentation tree

	BIND 9 source package in non-US because it's DFSG-free but has crypto
	code, including only BIND, producing binary packages

		bind9			- replaces 'bind' package

		dnsutils		- the portion of dnsutils provided
					  from the BIND sources, plus depends
					  on host and rblcheck packages

		bind9-lib (?)		- shared libraries ?  these may just
					  end up in package bind9, I'm still
					  working on the details

		bind9-dev		- static libraries and include files

		bind9-doc		- full HTML documentation tree

		task-dns-server		- meta package - task selection system

	host source package producing binary package


	rblcheck source package producing binary package


If there are any questions or discussion, please direct them to the mailing
list debian-devel only... not to the CC list on this message.


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