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Re: maybe ITP rsync mirror script for pools

>>>>> " " == Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT> writes:

     > On Jan 02, Goswin Brederlow
     > <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
    >> So would there be intrest in a deb of the script coming with a
    >> debconf interface for configuration, cronjob or ip-up support
    >> and whatever else is needed to keep an uptodate mirror.
     > Please don't encourage private mirrors!

     > I have been the administrator of ftp.it.debian.org since a long
     > time, and I notice there are many sites doing nightly mirrors
     > for their own use.  Mirroring is free for them because it's
     > done at night when offices are empty and there is nobody
     > downloading porn, but the aggregated traffic is significant for
     > me!  They could save bandwidth and disk space just by using a
     > correctly configured squid cache.

     > -- ciao, Marco

First thats not my problem, sorry. I just provide the means to do it

People will mirror anyway and my script is for any partial mirrors
(which might be public or private, for a company or for people
burining CDs). I use it to heavily downcut the downloading time
(comfort) and to actually reduce traffic (because my modem is to slow
to keep an ftp mirror up-to-date).

If you don't want people to do nightly mirrors, tell them so, or deny
the service. Not providing a script for people needing one will only
make them write their own, probably less eficcient scripts.


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