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Re: Anybody seen Loic Prylli lately?

On 01-01-04 Chuan-kai Lin wrote:
> Does anyone know where Loic has been lately (i.e., for the past two years
> or so)?  AFAIK his last package upload was in November 1998, and the mail
> I sent him about whether he needs help with mailx has generated no reply.
> Since mailx is important, if the maintainer is indeed MIA, somebody should
> take over this package and jove.  I would volunteer for mailx in the
> unlikely event that nobody else wants that package.

If you would have looked into unstable first, you would have noticed
that jove has been taken over by Cord Beermann, an upcoming new
maintainer and I had once a contact with Loic to talk with him about his
jove package. Now I'm waiting for his answer about mailx, so please wait
some time more, so that I be able to get an answer from him.

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