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Re: bugs + rant + constructive criticism (long)

[ D-Man writes ]
> A different list that I am on does the Reply-To munging.  This means
> that if I hit group-reply (when I use an MUA that doesn't understand
> lists) the list will get 2 copies : 1 in the To and 1 in the CC field.
> Is this really what you want?  Getting double mail on the list?

There are (at least) two things wrong with that scenario:

1. the mailing list software is setting Reply-To: identically to
   the From: header, when it didn't need to.
   If it ommited the redundant Reply-To: header, you wouldn't have seen
   a problem.

2. The mail program should have been smart enough to figure out
  "Hey, the Cc is a duplicate, I dont need it"

>  If I
> try to send a private off-list reply to someone, I can't.  If I hit
> reply, it goes to the list.  Sure I can type their address in the to
> field, but then I have to open a new window, open the mail, find the
> address in the headers, etc, etc.

Exactly. You CAN do it. This "can't" is rubbish.

> You are free to use whatever MUA you want, but don't complain to the
> rest of us if it is broken. 

Funny, you just did exactly that. If your mailreader was better, you would
have a better functioning group-reply.
Similarly, if your mailreader was better, it would be easier for you
to look at headers, and cut-n-paste the address of the person you want to
privately reply.

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