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Re: bugs + rant + constructive criticism (long)

[ Miles Bader writes ]
> phil@bolthole.com (Philip Brown) writes:
> > As opposed to the current scheme, which also requires "annoying manual
> > editing of addresses" to reply to the list, if your mailreader does the
> > reasonable thing and assumes you want to reply to the original sender of
> > the message, in liu of a reply-to header.
> Only if you're using a MUA too old or disfunctional to be worth discussing.
> All reasonable mail readers support at least `reply to sender' and
> `followup'/`wide-reply' commands, and the latter should do what you want.

I guess YOUR mailreader is "too old or disfunctional to be worth

I did not request you to Cc me.
But you replied to the list AND me.

The issue is how to simplify a default action of 
"reply to the list, and ONLY the list"

Presumably your own mailreader does not have a single key for
"reply to debian-devel, not to original sender" function, which is why you
chose the alternative of "reply to all".
Which is NOT desirable.

> By making Reply-To: point to the list, you make these two different
> commands do the same thing, thus depriving the user of the choice.

There is NO "depriving of choice".
If the recipient user wants to send to the original sender, there is
nothing stopping them.
Hopefully, everyone on debian-devel is fully capable of a little typing, in
the rare case that an individual reply is warranted. But 99% of replies
should be to the list.
Therefore, we should optimize for that case.

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