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Bug#81131: ITP: manpages-nl -- Dutch manpages

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


Currently, josX is translating manpages in sections 1 and 2 to Dutch. 
Upstreams maintainer is planning to translate manpages for all commonly
used standard Unix programs (excluding e.g. vi(1), including e.g. find(1)), 
all syscalls, most used C libraries (<stdin.h>,<string.h>,<...>) and 
possibly most used sys-admin progs. That'll be about the same as the
manpages-de package, I expect. License will likely be similar to the one
from manpages-de. Current upstreams can be found on 
ftp://ftp.nl.linux.org/pub/DOC-NL/man-pages-nl.tar.gz .
Some information (in dutch) is on http://nl.linux.org/doc/manpages.php .

Allthough this is a work in progress, I feel in its current form (and
quantity) the manpages are usefull.  If someone disagrees, please tell.  
I expect to upload during the coming weeks.



                                  . .
Joost van Baal                   .   .
                                 .   .                      http://mdcc.cx/
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