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Re: dpkg-statoverride vs. suidmanager

Previously Joey Hess wrote:
> * Make a new suidmanager package that predepends on the new line of dpkg
>   packages and, in its preinst, converts everything to use statoverride.
> * Dpkg doesn't need any support for suidmanager conversion stuff at all.
> * Any package that once used suidmanager and is updated to no longer use
>   it, needs to conflict with old version of suidmanager, since installing 
>   it on an older system with the old suidmanager will cause it to trample
>   over the permissions the user has set.

This still leaves us with two problems:
1. there is no 100% correct way to decide if something is an override
   or not
2. the statoverride db will be cluttered with overrides that are only
   there because the old package does not contain suid binaries when the
   default is suid

> There's still the problem of how I get packages that call
> dh_suidregister to have a versioned conflicts, but I guess that's my
> problem, not your problem. :-)

Automatic adding of a versioned conflict.. I'm suddenly extra glad none
of my packages use debhelper.


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