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Re: Important Note On Source-Only Uploads

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Basically: don't do them.

Gack. I know several people have counted on this working in the past.
Moreover, it's really a *good* thing, if you don't have a lot of control
over your build environment. Let the autobuilders do it.

> The most important problem this has is how katie (the new dinstall)
> processes it. It goes through the following motions:
> 	* check source's md5sums etc
> 	* install source into archive
> 	* add source to sid
> 	* notice source has no binaries in any suite
> 	* remove source

Bug in katie, yes?

> Another significant problem with source-only uploads is that (afaik,
> anyway) none of the autobuilders will attempt to build any arch: all
> packages, which would have left both the source only uploads I've noticed
> recently to break anyway.

Hm maybe we need an autobuilder that does arch-all then?

see shy jo

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