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Re: ITO: zope-popyda, python-popy

Dear Debian developers,

We regret to disturb this mailing list, but we feel that the previous
email by Federico di Gregorio was an act of defamation towards PoPy
and ZPoPyDA authors.  We think that our problems with Federico di
Gregorio as a member of Mixadlive S.r.l. board should be independent
with his role as a debian developer, and we can't understand why
internal problems of Federico's society ended up here.  This is a
"private" affair and we think it's questionable behaviour for him to
say these things here, because the Debian community doesn't know and
doesn't supposedly care about our case.

Now, we'd like to get some  points clear.

First of all, we have moved our software to Sourceforge after talking
to Mixadlive CEO, who gave us his agreement.

Furthemore, nobody in Mixadlive ever wrote a line of code, with the
sole exception of autotools code, which was written by Federico. We
didn't request the copyright to be assigned to us, and in fact we'd be
happy to grant all copyright for our work to the Free Software
Foundation if asked to do so.

After the move to Sourceforge, we expressed our anxiety to Federico
about the fact that PoPy and ZPoPyDA latest versions weren't being
uploaded to the Debian distribution.  We emailed him, asking what he
wanted to do with both packages and asking for the possibility to do a
NMU in order to speed up the process of upload.  We didn't get any
response, and we discovered yesterday that Federico had decided to
orphan PoPy and ZPoPyDA without telling us anything.  We have never
asked him to orphan those packages and we have never thought that a
developer reputation was linked solely to having debian packages of
his software around - despite what Federico says, we think that PoPy
and ZPoPyDA would still be some nice software even if packaged with

As regards the french debian developers, their unhappiness doesn't
come from the lack of upstreaming  but from Federico's response to

I'm sorry to have to post this here, but enough is enough and I felt a
clarification on our part was needed.

Eric Bianchi
Thierry Michel

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