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Re: Questions about testing

>>"Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

 Anthony> Well, even Joey Hess has slipped up in his religious debconf
 Anthony> uploads and had four or five delays longer than a fortnight
 Anthony> between updates. Basically, though, at some point the
 Anthony> maintainer has to decide "I'm happy with this" and leave
 Anthony> well enough alone for a little while.

	Umm. This is an artifact of the implementation, and does not
 seem to have a rational design principle behind it, unless I am being
 very dense. If this is an implementation issue, we should note this
 flaw (and perhaps move on until someone can come up with a working

 Anthony> At worst, this could be done just before the freeze,
 Anthony> although that seems like it'd be a bit risky. Alternatively,
 Anthony> the maintainer can just upload it with a faked medium or
 Anthony> high priority so that it'll go in earlier.

	In the long term this needs to be reexamined. Perhaps
 da-katies successors need to be tweaked to allow more than one
 version in a distribution to stay in the pool, or something (I
 confess I have not looked deeply into the problem, so my suggestions
 may be totally (in the modern idiom), whack. I have little time to
 work on the tweaks, so I'll hold my peace. 

 >> 4. How can I know precisely why my package has not been included in
 >> testing. I know update_excuse.html on ajt website ... but that's not
 >> enough. I want to know for example that my libdbd-pg-perl package is
 >> waiting on perl-5.6 (or on postgresql) to be integrated ...

 Anthony> You have to look at your dependency list, and investigate it
 Anthony> yourself. :( 

	Where does the pice of code reside that determines whether or
 not a package is going to be moved into testing? Can one extract that
 code into a purely reporting agent?

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