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Re: libgd's dependency on xlib stops netsaint from "testing"

On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 11:19:27PM +0100, Petr ?ech wrote:
> I think not. It's uses X libs so, ...

Hmm... currently I am a bit confused ybout all those dependencies (xlibs,
xpm4g, ...) so i will wait till this is resolved to make further comments. I
tried all the time hard to keep away and X Packates from my servers, but now
I will need them for libgd, which is commonly used on some web servers. What
about a light Version without xpm support?

Hmm.. has anybody the command Line handy to see which symbols of libX11 are
used by libgd? I see only one X Symbol in "nm -u -D /usr/lib/libgd.so.1.8.3"
which is XpmReadFileToXpmImage which is satisfied by xpm4g.

> which is wrong, cause libgd1g is not in unstable - it was deprecated and libgd
> now builds only libgd1 1.8.3 ...

Yes, netsaint depends on libgd1 (>= 1.8.3-6) which is in unstable only. And
I guess libgd1 wont be moved to testing unless xlibs is moved there.

Well.. perhaps it is possible to remove the dependency from xlibs to

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