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ITP: packages needed for Slash-bender (Perl libraries)

	I'm packaging several Perl libraries needed by Slash code to
run. They are the following:

libdbix-password-perl (DBIx-Password)
libtemplate-toolkit-perl (Template-Toolkit)

	They are available at

	I'm not a developer, but  Fernando Sanchez <fer@debian.org> 
has agreed to sponsor my packages.



Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona                | Grupo de Sistemas y Comunicaciones
jgb@gsyc.escet.urjc.es / jgb@computer.org | ESCET, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos 
tel: +34 91 664 74 67                     | c/ Tulipan s/n
fax: +34 91 664 74 90                     | 28933 Mostoles, Spain

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