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Re: Rambling apt-get ideas

On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 05:39:04PM -0600, Adam Heath wrote:

> > Not quite.  dpkg-deb actually does call out to tar and gzip, and lets those
> > programs do what they do best.  It doesn't try to be tar and gzip and dpkg all
> > at once.  The UNIX approach is to build tools that do one or a few jobs very
> > well, and build larger tools out of that code base.  That way, once a problem
> > is solved, it is solved for all programs that share the problem-solving code.
> Well, see, dpkg 1.8 in incoming no longer calls an external gzip binary(note:
> this is a configure option).  It is linked to zlib statically.  This gives a
> small speedup.

Same idea, different implementation.  It is using (de)compression code that is
shared with other programs.

> In dpkg cvs(what will be 1.9), dpkg no longer calls an external md5sum(it also
> doesn't fork for it, which it still does for the gzip above).  This isn't as
> bad, because it already had it's own internal md5sum binary, I just moved the
> code into the internal library it uses.

Will we one day see a shared libdpkg, with more code moved into it, so that we
don't have to fork and call dpkg to do, e.g., version comparisons and
extraction of control file information?

 - mdz

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