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Re: List of packages needing a new maintainer

On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Daniel Kobras wrote:

> > > O: manpages-de -- German manpages
> >
> > I'd be willing to take them, if it's just for the Debian maintainership
> > and fixing the few outstanding bugs. However, Joey, I see you are also
> Please take over Debian maintainership.

Okay, will do so within the next few days.

> > the whole project's leader. The webpages at infodrom didn't show much
> > activity for the past year and a half. Can you comment on the current
> > status of manpages-de?
> A lot of things have happened, together with the inability to run an
> ftp server after moving.  The pages will be updated soon.

Yup, noticed that when I was looking for the current upstream version. ;-)
Anyway, if you need help with the project as a whole, I might try to
arrange sort of a joint effort within our local Linux user group. If
you're interested, just drop me a note.



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