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RFC: Changing the Packages files

With the introduction of the packages pool, I'm going to propose the
following change to the Packages files:

1. The filename tells what the Packages files contains:
Packages files should be independent of the their location, therefor the
name has to reflect their contents, i.e.
or simply
        where $TYPE="Main"|"Contrib"|"NonUS"|"Nonfree"

2. The location of the Packages file does define the base of the
packages mirror structur:
This means the "Filename:" attribut starts from the location of the
Packages file, allowing for a much flexibler naming of the structur.

These two changes means the Packages files for all distributions could
be moved inside the pool as well. Also it is possible to have different
kind of mirror structurs (i.e alphabetical versus functional) since the
Packages files could be anywhere. And symlinks from binary-$ARCH to
binary-all weren't nessecary.

O. Wyss

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