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booting Linux NFS-Root


I seem to have problems booting Linux 2.2.18 via NFS root
image. **2.2.17 works fine**, but 2.2.18 says "No NFS servers
available, giving up". It tries to mount root from the floppy disk,
and as expected panics when it can't (floppy disk I/O is compiled as a
module). It doesn't even try to use the network in anyway. The network
card is being properly detected.

According to my kernel configuration, the kernel should automatically
configure itself via DHCP and BOOTP, but according to tcpdump this is
not happening.

Any ideas what is going on?

Some other useless information: I boot via a rom-floppy image created
by the makerom (netboot package).  This downloads the kernal image via
tftp. The kernel has a wrapper around it created by mknbi-linux (same
package). I believe all of this is working fine.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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