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List of packages that could be dropped


we currently have a really huge list of packages that are orphaned and
so I looked at them to see if we can drop some of them. Here are some
suggestion and my comments. Any comment from you is appreciated:

|ppd-gs (1 year and 357 days old)

Do we really need this package still for users of alladin ghostscript or
is it not needed anymore?

|tcp4u (1 year and 81 days old) [Package libtcp4u3]

Is this package still useful or can we drop it? 

|cthugha (1 year and 31 days old)

Is this package really used by someone or useful for anything? The
description is not very helpful in finding this out.

|silo (195 days old)

Has this package been removed from unstable and if yes, why? It's
currently still listed in the wnpp but I could find it which apt-cache
search silo.

|dip (1 year and 81 days old)

Fabrizio, has this package really been taken over? If yes, could you
please close the wnpp-bug for it? Thanks.

|libmikmod (214 days old)

Is any architecture still using libmikmod1 or could we drop this part of
the libmikmod package?

|rel (1 year and 41 days old)

Is this package used by anyone or can we just drop it?

|mhash (235 days old)

Has this package been dropped from unstable? If yes, can we close the
wnpp-bug about it?

|guavac (2 years and 53 days old)

Can we please drop this package from our distribution as even upstream
orphaned this package?

|malaga (210 days old)

Has this package been dropped? If yes, why and could be please close
then the bug about it against wnpp?

|admesh (349 days old)

Has this package any good purpose or could it be dropped?

|dpkg-scriptlib -- dpkg-perl and dpkg-python  (142 days old)

Is any package using functions of dpkg-perl or dpkg-python? If yes, I
think someone should take care of this packages and the bugs that are in
them. If not, could we move this packages from our distribution to
experimental until they are fixed and a new maintainer for them has been

|fnlib (104 days old)

Has this package been removed from our distribution? is enlightenment
not using it anymore? Or has it just be renamed? If the first is true,
can we close the wnpp bug for it or if the last is true, can then
someone please rename the bug in wnpp for it?

|xipmsg (74 days old)

Is this piece of software really used this days, where we have,
ICQ,AIM,Jabber and other instant messenger tools?

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