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Re: What do you wish for in an package manager?

>>>>> "Dwayne" == Dwayne C Litzenberger <dlitz@dlitz.net> writes:

    Dwayne> Hello!  I'm starting work on a new linux package manager.
    Dwayne> The idea is to be able to replace rpm, dpkg, apt, dselect
    Dwayne> (backend) with one,written mostly from scratch and
    Dwayne> designed to be as simple (code, not features) and clean as
    Dwayne> possible.  For now, the work will be strictly academic,
    Dwayne> but if it works out, it may evolve into future standard
    Dwayne> package manager.

    Dwayne> So my question is: What do you wish for in a package
    Dwayne> manager?

1. Built in support for shared NFS systems.

See <URL:http://snoopy.apana.org.au/~bam/debian/nfs-dpkg/> for
some examples.

2. Get rid of maintainer scripts (don't ask me how...) so that
upgrading packages is guaranteed not to destroy your computer, even if
the package came an from untrusted source. This could be carried
further by saying "no daemons can be started by UID=root without
express permission by some protected config file". Perhaps maintainer
scripts can run from a chroot and/or non-root environment (issues
remain unsolved).

3. Other minor issues, eg prevent a package from getting purged but
accidently leaving files behind for whatever reason, etc.

Actually, but doing 2 you will automatically solve one of the biggest
issues in solving 1.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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