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Re: Need to clone machines efficiently - help?

Erik Winn wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>  I have just started working with a group here in Portland that is taking in
> old machines and recycling them - putting linux on as the OS (of course ;}).
> See http://www.freegeek.org for more. Its a non-profit all volunteer thing;
> and actually one of the people has posted to one of these lists before ...
> but, apparently things kinda (lamely, IMO) drifted toward a mandrake system
> -- I think I can turn that around with a little help; I am putting in some
> good time there and I think that when the realities of maintaining and
> upgrading rpm systems hits they may change their minds.
>  Here is the first obstacle - not really a big one, but I spent all day
> digging around and couldn't really find any tools for this one: we want to be
> able to clone the machines easily over the local net. Mandrake has a tricky
> boot floppy that asks only for the eth0 config and then runs a bunch of perl
> to do the rest of the install non-interactively. I haven't started reading
> the scripts yet (that's plan B), instead I was hoping that someone had come
> up with something similar for debian. We are looking at hundreds of boxes
> already and its really just begun.
>  This is really not a huge task - it would just make a nice splash over here
> if we could come up with something ...
>  I would greatly appreciate recieving help/ideas/advice on this - Note
> however that I am not actually subscribed to the list at present (sorry, just
> too much at the moment ) so you can reply to me personally if you like.
>  Thanks very much in advance! I hope we can get this to happen.
> Erik Winn
> --
This is what you want I guess.Made for Debian


The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. 
     Alan Saporta

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