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Re: What do you wish for in an package manager?

> open up a co-ordination page on sourceforge and start a public design
> process. do not stick to a religious idea like "it should be written
> in C, or in perl".

I don't know.  I've seem a number of projects fail because they spent too much
time on discussion and didn't ever get down to business.  I think I'll draft
up a design first, then post it for scrutiny.

I'll pick the language once the design is set.

> if you're really doing it for univ./research institute you will need
> some new features, otherwise the tool you're describing is a simple
> python/perl wrapper script that provides a common CLI to those tools
> that you mention. It would call 'em, UNIX way.

I don't plan to work around various package managers: I plan to write one
that's so much better that people will make the effort of manually redoing
their packages.  Also, by "academic", I meant that this project might not get
anywhere useful, and that I don't give a damn for compatibility and

> So you need to give more details on what you want to achieve. Having
> some concrete goals is very important in this free software enterprise.

I agree, although I'm currently in the process of deciding what will be
required of this project, so I get things done right.

> > So my question is: What do you wish for in a package manager?
> > 
> That it isn't just a package manager. It should cook the coffee for me.
> More importantly:
>     It should be re-usable as a library for implementing packages/modules
>     for PLs·

Erm, now I'm getting confused.  I assume you mean that this package manager
should also be a framework for loadable modules.  Isn't that way outside the
scope of a package manager?  Can you give me an example?

> That would make it pretty academic :) As a matter of fact I claimed
> to Anthony Towns that I'd rewrite dpkg for a test of skill during
> a friendly exchange. That's one of the features I really want
> for my future implementation. What do you think?

I think "friendly exchange" is an understatement.  :-)

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