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Re: problem-reporting options : gnats or debian-bugs tracker

* s champ <s-champ@pacbell.net> wrote:

> i was working on something GNATS-related, then wondered if Debian had
> tried using it there or not.

This I don't know.

> investigating it, i saw that you do have a bug-tracking system.

> if it's GNATS, it could be another brick in the OSS bridge if that
> was added to a doc about it.

No, it is not GNATS. Our BTS is called debbugs. It is also used at
least by GNOME, KDE, Helixcode, agendacomputing.com, zelerate.org,
lineo.com, GUUG.

Do a websearch on "1999 Darren O. Benham, 1994-97 Ian Jackson, 1997
nCipher Corporation Ltd, 1995 Steven Brenner.", the copyright string.

> if not, is the code of it available?



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