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ITP: PSP - Perl Server Pages

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

I propose to Package PSP.  PSP is  an environment for doing dynamic
web content.  It is extensible  and works well with FastCGI and
mod_perl.  I beileve PSP has a better input model than Mason  althaugh
I have not looked much at Mason.

While PSP appears new, the technology is fairly old.  I believe it
predates many of the current dynamic web technologies.  However, it
was just recently made available to the public.  FundsXpress, the
author of PSP, has successfully been using the previous version of the
PSP technology for their transactional sites for years.

While working at FundsXpress, I wished that I could bring this
technology to the world.  Now that they have released it, I will bring
the technology to Debian.

Source can be found at http://psp.sourceforge.net/.  The software is a
lot more mature than the documentation.  It is licensed under the LGPL.

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