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[rfc] Policy: -dev packages should touch all .h in postinst

 I would like to discuss implementing Debian Policy with a rule saying
 that -dev packages must `touch' all installed *.h and *.m4 (etc)
 files in the postinst, so that any source builds that generate
 auto-dependancies will see the new -dev headers as fresh, and thus
 regenerate their .deps/* ?

 I believe that currently, since there is no policy regarding this,
 that it's possible that a new version (relative to what was installed
 previously) of a -dev might go in, but the timestamps might be older
 than a source directory you're working in, and so your build
 environment will believe the .dep/* files are up to date still.

 I've a couple of questions now... should installed files reflect the
 build time or the install time?  Does `dpkg' and our packaging setups
 preserve timestamps?  Shouldn't it do that if it does not, EXCEPT in
 the case of files that are likely to be found in Makefile
 prerequisites of user (and dpkg-source) code?

 I will try and come up with a draft policy proposal if there is
 sufficient support from debian-devel.

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@debian.org>

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