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Re: Debian Weekly News - December 12th, 2000

> Cleaning up woody's task packages was the subject of a [7]long
> discussion. While potato only shipped with a few screenfuls of task
> packages, the number of task packages in woody has exploded, and many
> of them are of doubtful utility to a new user who is installing Debian
> and wants to use it for a specific task. Task packages arn't scaling
> as well as we had hoped, and there is a fair bit of confusion among
> the developers about what exactly task packages should be used for.
> One solution involves putting a definition of what constitutes a valid
> task package into policy. Or we might have to do away with the task
> system altogether and come up with some [8]alternate method that is
> more flexible and less prone to abuse.

Ahhh!  Let's not go the Suse route here!

All for NONE or NONE for ALL!!!!


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