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Re: cleaning up our task packages

On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 08:16:49PM -0800, Seth Arnold wrote:
> Now John, I consider myself fairly competent; however, with three dhcp
> clients to choose from (an actual situation from many months ago) many
> folks won't know which one is *best*, as defined by ``works on the
> kernel as shipped''. How are end users, installing their first Debian
> box, supposed to know that bozo-dhcpcd hasn't been supported for many
> months (but is still in the distribution) but bozo-dhclient-clown is
> known to work on the kernel shipped by Debian, is well-supported, and
> runs easily.

This is a documentation issue.  I've many times longed for a
document that describes the issues involved with, for example,
installing exim vs. sendmail, the various dhcp clients, etc.
Perhaps I haven't found it yet in Debian -- in which case it
should be advertised more.  However, if nobody steps forward
and says "Yes, it exists", I'll start one.

IMO, this kind of documentation would be a bazillion times better
than any find-grained task-* structure.

> *THIS* is where the task- system will help new users -- competent or
> not. It allows Debian to help people choose, when they don't know what
> is best -- not when they are too stupid to know what is best.

If this is really true, then why do we even have the other


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