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Re: object-oriented C programming

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Daniel Burrows wrote:

>   Well, I'm not doing it on limited hardware any more, but g++ on a
> Pentium 166 with 48MB of memory, while it worked eventually, was painfully
> slow and disk-intensive, and rendered the system essentially unusable for
> anything else.  Especially with optimization turned on.

Yes, that is a fair statement.  I haven't found the extra compile time to
be a limiting factor in my productivity.  I'm on hardware that, while not
quite as slow as what you were working with, is at least three generations

> > Right now my biggest problem is the stupid linker...
>   ..and the link step also takes forever, of course :)

Hopefully that will change with a phasing out of "dumb linkers."  The
link time is my #1 bottleneck in compiler time right now.



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