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Re: long term goals of debian membership

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Clay Crouch wrote:

> Just an idea....
> With all the recent whining^Wdiscussion about 'low-quality NMs',
> maybe a there is a way to winnow them down some.
> You want them to contribute more than just a few packages? OK, here
> is a possible fix: Bring them in via QA. They maintain orphaned
> packages for QA, and fix bugs for QA, and do NMUs for QA. All
> supervised/mentored by the (increased?) QA staff.

I suggested this months ago, and was shot down.  If you can make this
fly, go for it!
> A good training ground, and a good place to contribute. Compare
> this to the proverbial "mail room".
> [I would not have minded coming in this way myself.]
> When the QA folks are satisifed that the NM is clueful, and has
> "contributed" to the project, they are turned loose as DDs, to
> work on whatever they please....
> Comments? (`mv flameage /dev/null`)
> Cheers!

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