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Re: Woody Progress

>>"Richard" == Richard Taylor <soluzar75@lineone.net> writes:

 >> The problem with this line of thinking, i think, is that debian isn't
 >> aimed toward 'joe-average linux-user' .. It's aimed really towards the
 >> debian developers, and others like them. Debian isn't trying to "restore"
 >> themselves, in anyone's eyes. they are going forward as they feel correct.
 Richard> Ok, if Debian is not aimed at Joe, then why do we bother
 Richard> having a mailing list where we discuss publicity for the
 Richard> system.

	Debian is not a monolithic entity with policy being dictated
 by the CEO and company lawyers. Debian is what the people who make
 Debian want it to be. Some people want it to be highly popular. I am
 not one of them, but I say if they want to make it so, and are
 willing to do the work, more power to them. 

 Richard>   I mean, isn't what you are saying, that we should
 Richard> just stick with the users that we have got? If you are, then
 Richard> I, for one, cannot agree with you.

	As is your right. I, personally, work for Debian so that I can
 have a high quality Linux distribution. Having it useful to other
 people, espescially people I like, is a neat secondary thing. 
	Am I beholden to the unwashed masses out there? No way.

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