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Re: Woody Progress

On Sun, Dec 03, 2000 at 01:37:01PM +0000, Richard Taylor wrote:
> code freeze will start. I mean, getting a new realease out, with KDE 2 
> packaged and ready to go, plus XF86 4, would do a lot to restore the Debian
> Project in the eyes of joe-average linux-user.

I presume this has been discussed to death on this list before, but what's
wrong with a shorter development cycle?  Why not freeze woody now or in a
month's time (when there _might_ be a "stable" 2.4.0 kernel)?  IMHO, it's
made huge leaps and bounds in actual development from potato, and the sooner
it's frozen, the sooner the new unstable can start, but at least there'll be
a new debian stable by mid 2001 (or perhaps even earlier).

My 2c,

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