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Re: drivers for cups

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 05:54:21PM +0100, Joerg Friedrich wrote:
> The LJ1100-Printer doesn't support Postscript. magicfilter uses afaik gs to 
> convert ps-data to PCL (HP Printer Language). cups can also use gs. 

True of course. I didn't think about this since magicfilter also used gs for

> Take a look at www.linuxprinting.org. There you can generate a ppd-file for 
> your printer using gs.

Will look there thanks. The reason why I'd like to switch is that the
standard LaserJet PPD is very conservative with page limits. The result is
that my A4 page does not get printed completely. BTW thanks to the one
pointing this out (sorry, I accidently deleted your mail, so I don't know
the name).

I tried changing that but it won't work unless I change the PCL driver that
is part of the cups package. So maybe it's better to use gs again.

> Btw: cupsd seems to grap all available cpu-power. At least on my system. Does 
> anyone have got the same problem?

No, I'm not having any problem with cups so far, other than the page size.

Michael Meskes
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