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Re: Running MRTG as a non-root user - thoughts?

Hi Michael.

Changing the MRTG setup is a fine goal. Using another group
is also fine, sounds nice and what not. Personally I think
it is like a chroot bind 8. It is fairly easy, but it is
better done on your own (i.e. the sysadm has to know and
understand it himself *completely* to do it) and not by a
(debian) package which would get a bit too complex...

A bit far- fetched, perhaps, but I'd rather say it just
works, it works smoothly and nice and does not bomb out.

Now having to change a setup where I fail to see a security
risk at all is unnecessary (IMHO). Quite some installations
(all) updating to woody ever will break at least for a short
period of time. I would not expect the package to really do
those "nasty" things to me... imagine some accounting scripts
running on the .log files...

I'd rather have to put the package on hold, because *now* it
works. Please, this is no criticism, just some feedback.


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