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Install check of free space

I am not sure if this is bug or not so I am better posting it here.
Install program from Potato (I think its used for woody too) has some
(understandable) glitch. When you want to place /usr on different
partition and you mount this partition in /usr everything works fine,
but if you mount the large partition in lets say /mnt/big (or whatever)
and then symlink /usr to /mnt/big/usr or such (for example because you
want to move to this partition also /var and /home) and then proceed
install, you get into strange problems. If the root partition is small
(lets say 300Mb which is more than enough in such case - it takes some
 100Mb for me now without /var/, /usr/ and /home/) so the whole system
you select would not fit on this root partition, debian simply won't
let you go. It says that you have not enough free space on your HD and
that it will not go. I really thought that these unpassable hardcoded
limits that prevent you to do a thing are just Microsofts tactics, so
I tried some other distributions and I can assure you that this IMHO
wrong behaviour has also RedHat and SuSE at least.

I woudln't say that I am unreasonable when I don't want to make my
root partition so big (at least some 600Mb to fit all installation)
when it never really exceeds 150Mb. (And considering disk design, I 
think this described solution is slightly better than this with /boot


PS: I still hope there is some option I missed and this free disk
    space check can be easily bypassed.

Jiri Klouda <jk@atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz>

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