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X4 DRI works on my G400!??


After help from various people DRI is now working on my Debian Woody
440BX/ZX Celeron SMP box with MGA G400 DH 32MB no max, SB live using
alsa and kernel-2.4.0-test11. Thank you all, especially for the hints
about processor type entry in the kernel configuration and the need
for interrupt enabling for the video card in the BIOS.

I have a few additional questions/comments:

1. Anybody knows why the 2x Mode for AGP is not working?
   (XFree86.0.log: Option AGPMode2x not used)

2. Is it safe to use the OverClockMem option?

3. Any other useful options?

4. Other useful BIOS settings?

5. Do the use of MatroxHal library improve performance in addition to
   eg. DH support?

6. Running the first timedemo in Q3A gives 40-42 fps, without any sound
   problems. However, running the intro video sequence the sound is
   partially heavily distorted or muted. Is there a mismatch between
   the resources between the video and the sound card?

7. Running gnome and eg. xosview is reducing the frame rate for
   Q3A. Is there a way for the kernel and/or X4 to lower the priority for
   processes not visible on the screen?

Svante Signell  

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