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Yes, I know, this is very long ago. But I found the group picture of the
Debian booth at Linuxtag 2000 in Stuttgart, Germany on my hard drive, and
took a few minutes to label all the person, from that I remembered the
names. If anybody is interested, you can find it at
http://people.debian.org/~rb/lt2k-group-names.jpg. There is no promise for
correct spelling of the names.

Among others it features:
Christoph Lameter
Juergen Erhardt
Pete Lypkie
Stefan Gybas
Othmar Pasteka
Oliver Bolzer
Goswin van Brederlow
Martin Schulze
Roland Bauerschmidt
Marcelo Magallon
Daniel Mester
Edward Betts
Alexander Benner
Torsten Landschoff
Christoph Baumann
Christian Kurz
Peter Ganten
Eduard Bloch
... and those I couldn't remember the names of. If you are on the picture
and I forgot you name, tell me!


Roland Bauerschmidt <rb@debian.org>

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