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Re: ITP: FreeType 2.0 (freetype6, freetype6-dev)

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 07:57:41PM +0900, Takuo KITAME wrote:
> AF> Hello,
> AF> FreeType 2.0 has been uploaded to Incoming for Debian woody, hence my
> AF> post-upload Intent-to-Package.  :-)
>     Nice. I need it to upload the Nautilus package.
>     [...]
> AF> FreeType 2.0 can co-exist peacefully with FreeType 1.3.1 with no namespace
> AF> conflicts.  However, the source package names must be distinguished in
> AF> Debian.  So, to make things _really_ confusing, I've decided the following
> AF> names for the FreeType packages in Debian woody:
> AF>   FreeType 2.0:
> AF>       Source package: freetype_2.0.orig.tar.gz        (current version)
> AF>      library package: freetype6_2.0-?           (libfreetype, soname 6)
> AF>        devel package: freetype6-dev_2.0-?       (libfreetype, soname 6)
>     why not libfreetype6 and libfreetype6-dev(or libfreetype-dev) ?

Because I didn't think of it.  :-)  I have re-uploaded them as libfreetype6
and libfreetype6-dev.  Thanks!

> AF>   FreeType 1.3.1:
> AF>       Source package: freetype1_1.3.1.orig.tar.gz      (for FreeType 1)
> AF>      library package: freetype2_1.3.1-?              (libttf, soname 2)
> AF>        devel package: freetype2-dev_1.3.1-?          (libttf, soname 2)
>     also, libttf2 ... ?

Josip has filed a wishlist bug report about that too.  However, he also
says that many packages has a versioned dependency on freetype2 (>= 1.3.1)
that changing it to libttf2 would break lots of package, especially that
dpkg doesn't yet support versioned provides AFAIK.  That's why I am leaving
the package names as is.  :-)



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