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Re: xconsole eats up RAM (a LOT)

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 02:58:27 -0800 (+0000), Erik Steffl wrote:
>   I am running unstable, kernel 2.2.17, I noticed that sometime xconsole
> eats up about 50% of memory as reported by top. it usually happens
> afterthere have been a LOT (megabytes) of messages (while read
> hard-to-read CD), but messages stopped coming few hours ago and the
> memory usage by xconsole did not go down.
>   any ideas? is that a bug of xconsole?
>   also notice that it used a lot of CPU cycles (not at the snapshot time
> but overall, in TIME column)

Yep.  I _think_ I filed a bug about it.  I just don't use xconsole these
days :)


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