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Re: ITP: FreeType 2.0 for Debian (freetype6, freetype6-dev)

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Anthony Fok wrote:

> FreeType 2.0 has been packaged and uploaded to Incoming for Debian woody,
> hence my post-upload Intent-to-Package (ITP).  :-)  It may be found in
> "http://incoming.debian.org/"; until it gets installed, then it could be
> found by following the links in "http://packages.debian.org/freetype6";.

For some reason, these are not in incoming (just the tarball is there).  I
need to get ahold of these to test on Alpha since I just discovered that
the old freetype packages may have 64-bit issues.  I'd be happy to
elaborate on this off-list if you'd like...


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