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Re: Glibc 2.2 and potato

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 05:15:31PM +0000, Michael Meding wrote:
> Hi all,
> curious as I am I was wondering if it would be possible to fetch glibc
> 2.2. from woody and do a apt-get source --compile and then an install on
> a potato system. I've heard that there are advancements when compiled
> against headers of a pre 2.4 kernel. Did somebody do this out there ?
> Specifically how to use then specific compiler flags for the atlhon
> thunderbird / duron would be also of interest in here.
> Glibc2.2 should do fine on an otherwise glibc2.13 system, or shouldn't
> it ?

GLibc 2.2 does not depend on a buil environment other than gcc and
binutils. After that, it doesn't depend son anything in the system. IOW,
it makes no difference whether you install it on woody or potato.

So, change your apt sources.list to woody, and do "apt-get install libc6
libc6-dev", and it should resolve things for you.

I would not suggest building on potato, because the binutils may not be up
to snuff, and the gcc in potato is not patched for the 1 or 2 C++
conflicts. So, if you plan on compiling, you need to upgrade to the libc6
in woody, and also to the gcc/g++/libstdc++ in woody.

Believe me, recompiling on potato will not fix this (I am the glibc
maintainer, so I have a small clue about what I am saying :)


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