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Re: Last woody upgrade = chaos?!

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 12:05:29AM +0100, Toens Bueker wrote:
> Hi *,
> I use woody for quite a long time already - but during the update from 
> libc6 2.1.97-1 to libc6 2.2 something went wrong.
> Several packages, which seem to use networking functions are now broken:
> - syslogd
> - ping
> - ftp
> - emacs
> - apt-get
> Some of those try to open a socket in /var/run/.nscd_socket (which 
> does not exist). 

Trying to open that file is moot if you don't have nscd installed. They
will always try to open it, for any nss functions, and ignore the failure
if it doesn't not exist.

> Some just segfault (emacs).
> >From former threads in this list I know, that there might be issues 
> with libnss*.
> I really need that machine up and running again urgently - what can I do?
> Are there fixed packages maybe already somewhere in incoming?

I don't see these problems, and I haven't heard of anyone else having
these problems. What kernel are you running? What is your network
configuration? Sounds like an isolated local problem, most likely not even
related to glibc. Also saying "broken" is not really very helpful. Exact
error messages, and test cases are important. Neither of which you have
produced, so there is nothing I can go on to help you.


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