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Re: Gnome has broken sound for 2.4 kernel, but KDE is OK.

On Samstag, 18. November 2000 14:14, Sami Dalouche wrote:
> BTW, is it planned to do something like esound but at the kernel level ?
> I mean that it would solve everything if linux did just like windows 98/2k
> : these OS, or whatever we call these systems :), can play several sound
> files at
> the same time, and the applications don't have to be re-compiled for a
> certain daemon..
> I'm sure this is the best solution, and maybe the easiest...

I worked on something like that some time ago, but had to use a 
userspace-deamon to redirect the sound to /dev/dsp. Actually, I know, that 
this could easyly be done with devfs. Maybe I restart my work.

It was though as a /dev/vdsp0..n. Easy to use, just compile into the kernel, 
or load as a module, and then symlink /dev/dsp to vdspx instead of dspx.


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