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python-gdk-imlib and Delinquent Maintainers

There has been a problem in Debian's python-gdk-imlib package for
quite some time: Transparent PNGs do not display properly (see
attached example script). According to upstream
the proper solution is either to have Python use RTLD_GLOBAL in
dlopen calls when loading extension modules, or to use an older
version of libtool to have imlib link directly to gdk-imlib.

Neither alternative sounds attractive to me, but not having
transparent PNGs in python-gdk-imlib is pretty bad. FWIW, Red Hat
uses the RTLD_GLOBAL solution.

The second part of the subject comes from the fact that the
python-gdk-imlib maintainer doesn't seem to be maintaining his
package very well. There are two very ancient and easy-to-fix
bugs against it. One
is just a few simple typos! Another
is just a simple chmod.

Fixed versions are available at

Eric Gillespie, Jr. <*> epg@progeny.com
Software Developer
Progeny Linux Systems - http://progeny.com

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