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Re: depth 32 not supported in X 4.0.1

On Nov 06, Daniel Migowski wrote:
> On Monday 06 November 2000 12:07, Erik Steffl wrote:
> > I have tried to force depth 32 but the X server says it is not
> > supported - will it be or is it intentional for some reason? what
> > reason?
> Same with me, my GeFORCE256 does support 8, 16 and 32 bits, but I can't use 
> 32, just 24, which isn't supported by my card, but it works. Strange, that.

My understanding is that XFree 4.0 uses the actual color depth of the
screen, rather than the bits per pixel setting.  Since 32 bpp is
really just 8 bits per RGB gun, X calls that a mode of depth=24, and
internally maps between 24 and 32 bpp.

Chris Lawrence

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