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Re: Help wanted (extra developers) on PostgreSQL

On 5 Nov 2000, Itai Zukerman wrote:

> > If you are interested in helping, or if you are dying to take the
> > package over from me, please let me know.
> I would be interested in helping with this, if you still need people.
> I use PostgreSQL for some web sites, and I follow the pgsql-sql
> mailing list.  In particular, I'd like to test out the 7.1 stuff.
I'm not really sure if I could do regular work on postgresql.  But
I'm very interested in the progress of the postgresql packages.  So
I suggest a debian-db list which might be also usefull for the
upcoming interbase packages and possibly for mysql (even if I'm not
interested in this database).  Moreover database userinterfaces
could be discussed there.

Kind regards


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