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Re: new glibc breaks fakeroot/make ?

In reference to a message from Randolph Chung, dated Nov 05:
> if you rebuild make with the new glibc, it looks like it doesn't work
> under fakeroot anymore:
> samwise[20:40] make-3.79.1# ./make
> make: *** user_access: seteuid: Operation not permitted.  Stop.
> building make in potato and running it with woody seems to work fine.

ok, sorry for not investigating more before my first email.

what's going on is that in the old glibc, there's no getloadavg
function, so the seteuid code in make is not compiled in (there's a
check in configure.in). so, this works fine in potato.

In woody, with the new glibc, there's now a getloadavg function, so when
you compile make with it you now trigger the seteuid code, which will
fail since fakeroot doesn't wrap it.

any suggestions on a good fix?

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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