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Re: new section in Debian menu system for file managers

Ok, I'm not on d-devel, but I stumbled across this thread during my
not-infrequent browsing of the archives.

Point the first: menu changes are now handled by the d-policy list,
like virtual packages.  (I know because I wrote the final proposal.)
I've cc'd this msg to -policy.

Point the second: while we may have many filebrowsers, I'm not
convinced that most users will necessarily install several of 'em.  In
which case, the menu "hints" feature might well be a better solution.

For similar reasons, I already got most of the maintainers of X11
clock programs to add "Clocks" as a hint to their menu files (rather
than creating a new "Apps/Clocks" menu), so this approach can work
quite well; and it's no harder to get a random selection of
maintainers to add a hint than it is to get them to change a section.

(Note: my second point could almost be aimed at 'Apps/Editors' too,
except, I suspect that most people probably have at least a couple of
entries in there, i.e. a text editor plus a word-processor, and maybe
a programming editor and a hex editor too.  Whereas, I seem to have
absolutely no filebrowsers at all.)

I'm willing to be wrong about my second point, but the first point,
that -policy is the place you want to go if you want something done,

Note to -policy guys: it would be nice to start collecting and
documenting some suggested common menu hints, along with the official
categories we have now.  I've already magically caused the "Clocks"
hint to appear, and I think "Filebrowsers", "Gnome", and "KDE" are
other good candidates for standardization.

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