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take over xcdroast (Re: Orphaning some packages)

adopt xcdroast

>>>>> In <20001031021223.A11844@cistron.nl> 
>>>>>	Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cistron.nl> wrote:
>> orphan xcdroast

>> My cdwriter at home doesn't seem to work anymore and I rarely make
>> CDs anyway these days, so I am orphaning these packages.

>> xcdroast: CD creation GUI

>>   Currently version is written in tcl and C and is not really being
>>   maintained upstream anymore since upstream is doing a rewrite in
>>   C using GTK. Author is very responsive.

 I want to take over xcdroast. Perhaps I'll upload new upstream
version xcdroast-0.98 (or test release of this, such as

 I have alreay built xcdroast-0.98alpha7 test package, so I'll test
this and dupload as soon as possible.

 <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>, <ishikawa@debian.org>, <ishikawa@redhat.com>

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