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Trying to build nessus 1.0.5-1 on potato with woody source debs ...

... and I fail. I can't figure out what I need installed (libraries),
what libraries to build and in which order to build the required

Kan any kind soul put me on the right track?

Well, I think I'll give it another try before I post.


Looks like I guessed rught by myself:

 0. remove all nessus packages
 1. build libnessus1
 2. install libnessus1 and libnessus-dev
 3. build libnasl1
 4. install libnasl1 and libnasl-dev
 5. build nessus (or nessusd, they build the same packages)
 6. install nessus-dev
 7. build nessus-plugins
 8. install nessus-plugins
 9. install nessusd
10. install nessus

My question is now a bit different: Did I miss anything?


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