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Re: webcalendars

>>>>> "RD" == Rainer Dorsch <rainer@rai16.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

    >> OK, let's suppose you're packaging this one. Then you have to
    >> depend on Apache too. What URL would you put it under? 
    >> "/achiveo"? What if it's been configured away from htdocs/? 
    >> What if mod_rewrite is used for terminfo-like hashing, so it's
    >> really searched for under htdocs/achiveo?
    >> and so on, and so on.
    >> Bottom line: Debian is not yet ready for packaging of web
    >> applications

    RD> I think this statement has some truth. There is no
    RD> infrastructure for web applications available in the Linux
    RD> distributions, i.e. complicated install and deinstall scripts
    RD> must be written. But usually this way a useful API is develoed
    RD> after having experience with the problems.

    RD> But on the other hand, these are details which could be
    RD> documented in README.Debian, if writting the install scripts
    RD> is a to big hassle. At least I have the impression, that Linux
    RD> distribution could solve this problem easier than commercial
    RD> unixes.

Look at aeromail in woody, for one approach to this.


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