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Re: x-terminal-emulator

Arthur Korn <arthur@korn.ch> writes:

> Falk Hueffner schrieb:
> > I'd like to add a menu entry for a command that needs a terminal
> > emulator.
> Are you shure you need a terminal emulator (won't your program run
> on a console as well)? If not, you could use 'needs=text', and menus
> for WMs would include the x-terminal-emulator -e thingy
> automagically.

Yes, I need this for xskat, which does multiplayer games via an IRC
server. It runs under X but needs a terminal for the player to type
IRC commands. Pretty unusual situation, I guess :)

I think I'll just use -e for now, since IIRC all terminals supported
that, but it would be nice if that was added to the policy...


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