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Re: How can printing be simplified with Debian GNU/Linux?

i agree with raphael, the matter is not printer support in linux.
as i see, is the printer support in debian distribution!

maybe i'm wrong, but to configure a samba printer i have to
almost rewrite smbprint and hack a little of printcap, playing
with input filters. not to say if we are talking about a non
postscript printer. it is a paint for the newbie. 

it would be very nice to have a printer-common package with some
tools in order to let printer spoolers package maintainer configure
within an environment. something that goes gracefully with the new
installation system and with some generic configuration tool like
something in gnome or linuxconf or whatever.

please let me know if debian already provides something like this,
since i completely missed it.

oh yes, magicfilter works very well with my stylus color at home,
but this is the easiest situation. if i have an hp laserjet 5 with
ethernet you have to hack with printcap, magicfilter is useless
and this is not the strangest at all.

On Sat, Oct 28, 2000 at 05:46:46PM +0200, Raphael Bossek wrote:
> hi Arthur,
> > We have a 'printer configuration database', have a look at
> > /etc/magicfilter/ after installing the magicfilter package ...
> I'm using it at the moment and I can say you that this is not
> what I, and I think many will agree, want to have!
> Visit www.linuxprinting.org and try out the printer database
> and you will see how simple it could be...
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